See the Stunning Winners of the Northern Lights Photographer of the Year Competition

The stunning beauty of one of nature’s most spectacular events has been captured in this series of spell-binding images.

On special nights far from the equator, the sky is illuminated by a dazzling, celestial light show.

The aurora borealis and aurora australis are caused when cosmic radiation hits electrically charged particles in Earth’s atmosphere.

The spectacular results have been captured in a series of 25 winning images selected in the Capture the Atlas Northern Lights photography competition.

Winners includes images taken in countries including the United States, Russia, Finland, Norway, Iceland, Australia, Canada, and Antarctica.

They show mesmerizing bands of luminous green light playing in the night sky above icy fjords, snow-capped pine forests, and iceberg crammed seas.

One of the images, taken by photographer Benjamin Eberhard, looks like something out of a sci-fi movie.

The image, titled “Antarctic Night,” shows a vast sky streaked with bands of green, orange, and yellow above the futuristic looking Ice Cube Neutrino Observatory.

Benjamn said, “This image shows a strong and colorful aurora over the IceCube Neutrino observatory in the South Pole and is part of a longer time-lapse series.

“The South Pole is probably one of the most remote and challenging environments to do photography, and it is strenuous for both humans and technology.

“To achieve 24-hour-long time-lapse shots, you need some creativity to heat and insulate your equipment in order to keep it running, and even rotating, in temperatures ranging down to -80ºC (-112 ºF).”

See a few of the other amazing photos below.